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grandfondo european champion

"Healthy habits
to ignite your Potential"



My Story

Marine LENEHAN, is based in Wicklow, Ireland.


She is an experienced nutritionist, massage therapist & yoga teacher, with multiple tools under her belt to ignite your potential. With a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Masters in Massage therapy, a Yoga Alliance 200h teaching Certificate, and a Professional Diploma in Sports Nutrition her aim is to bring happiness to your plate, body and mind.




Marine, a sportswoman for 15 years now ( previously a hurdler, a triathlete, and presently a cyclist).She is the current GranFondo & Gravel 19-34 European Champion Woman. She has the world of sport in her heart, wishing to bring council to athletes as she knows too well how overwhelming it can be to support the body & mind when being an athlete.


The recommendations for living a healthy life are seemingly simple: eat well, engage in regular physical activity, get proper sleep, and practice self-care. But you probably know it’s easier said than done - life can get in the way.

It’s an all-too-common story we tell ourselves repeatedly, and we often make excuses as to why we can’t reach our goals of achieving great health and well-being. That’s where Marine comes in.


Being a supportive guide who will help you set health goals, whether to eat healthier, lose weight, boost your performance, improve energy levels, better manage stress, and much more. 


Marine will encourage you through a positive mind-set to become an expert on your own health because Everyone is unique.




This uniqueness informs the foods and lifestyle practices that will work for you. By learning how to tune in and listen to your body, Marine will provide a safe space for you to explore this. You will become an expert on what makes you feel amazing as well as what makes you feel depleted.

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